Bored of “that london”, James Swift, Director and founder of North West digital agency Beyond Interactive has been one of the driving forces behind bringing #tru to the north of England.

A long time friend of the event, James was one of the first to shout loud “don’t forget us!”. I’m glad we didn’t.

James will be leading a track telling the Weight Watchers recruiting story, as well as sharing a number of great case studys. this post looks at how Weight watchers changed their approach to hiring. Interesting reading!

Weight Watchers Leaders: Pass on the feeling


A key part of the Weight Watchers experience has always been the weight-loss meetings – not just socialising and getting support from other members, but drawing on the experience of the Leader, a person who has been through the process and is able to guide and advise members.

Recently, this role of Leader changed from self-employed status to employed status by Weight Watchers. The company was keen for as many Leaders as possible to move from being self-employed to under their employ, and also to use this as an opportunity to attract new people.

Beyond Interactive consulted with Weight Watchers over their existing marketing for Leaders recruitment. We identified that while it was all informative it was lacking in personality and was not creating a buzz around the role. Being a Leader is a very personable, interactive job and we wanted to reflect this in the marketing. We wanted to create a long term strategy that created engagement and built up a meaningful brand and feeling around Weight Watchers Leaders.



The first thing to address was how to inject personality into the campaign, and felt that video was the best way to do this. By interviewing existing Leaders about the role we could get honest and passionate descriptions which would allow visitors to the site to feel like they were engaging with people, and would tap into that very human and interactive aspect of the role. We decided to go a step further with this and add an interactive element to the videos, by breaking them down into individual questions and letting the user click on a question to produce the answer. This would allow visitors to feel like they were really engaging with the brand and choosing their own content, giving a positive feel to the whole experience whilst letting them discover the benefits of being a Leader.

Overhauling the Leaders website, to bring it to life with colour and links to social networks, made it feel more modern and friendly.

Press and print:

The videos had given us 5 “faces” of Weight Watchers Leaders, 5 real people who were genuinely good adverts for the role, so we could use these people on the marketing collateral. This would provide consistency and also give the campaign its personality.

We used postcards, adverts in Weight Watchers magazine and even pop up stands at trade fairs with full length images of the Leaders to spread the message. The slogan “Pass on the feeling” sums up what is great about being a Leader – once someone has achieved their goal weight they can help others achieve similar success.

Online media:

As part of the new talent attraction strategy we thought carefully about the demographic we were targeting. The role is very much a lifestyle career as meetings are generally in the evening and Leaders can run as many or as few as they want. Therefore it suits working mums, those who only want part-time work or even people in full-time work who want extra income or who are passionate about helping others maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle.

Therefore we ran the campaign on the Workingmums website to engage with those wanting to strike a work life balance. We made sure the copy for the ads was suited for the audience; conversational and friendly, just like Leaders should be, but also inspirational and full of passion.

To support this we ran adword campaigns on Google and Facebook. Facebook allowed us to use the faces of our 5 lovely Leaders so the look and feel we’d created on the website spread across other media to attract passive candidates. We picked keywords that would reflect the interests and lifestyles of the target demographic – people who already “like” Weight Watchers, people who “like” parenting groups or healthy eating pages etc. Similarly Google allowed us to engage with people searching for evening jobs, jobs at Weight Watchers etc, and drive them to the website where they could become excited by the proposition.


The result was a campaign that spanned different media and forms but was consistent, with a friendly, engaging and informative style. The success was better than we could have hoped for, with around 95% of existing Leaders moving from self-employed to full-time status. We also generated over 1,300 referrals from Facebook and over 360 applications from Workingmums, so they were spoilt for choice with new talent and have raised awareness about the benefits of being a Leader.

Next Steps

This success is by no means the end point. The campaign is in its infancy and our purpose was always to create something that Weight Watchers could use on a long term basis as opposed to a quick fix recruitment drive.

From here we’ll be helping them with a fully integrated social media plan which will stay in keeping with the friendly brand. We’ll also help them to roll out this concept across other areas, such as their Head Office recruitment site and also, excitingly, global sites.


James Swift

Beyond Interactive

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