A simple question to start your thinking:

“What are the opportunities and threats to recruiters when working in the Cloud?”

I was always taught “Recruitment isn’t a difficult process” and in its simplest terms it’s not. If you’re an agency recruiter: Find Job> Find candidates for jobs> Sell candidates into client> Client interviews (normally more than once)> Client offers Candidate Job> Candidate starts new Job> (Client pays). If you’re an internal recruiter: Advertise job>Interview Candidate>Place candidate…

In any event, much of what you do is now in the cloud… whether you like it or not.

It’s a highly competitive market, timescales are short, your product has a brain and can say NO at any point so having a competitive advantage is critical to the success of your business.

Does Cloud provide that competitive advantage?

There’s that word again “Cloud”. It’s everywhere you look. Only last week, iCloud was launched by a well-known fruit company! Cloud means different things to different people, however, looking at it from a recruitment point of view got me thinking: what are the opportunities and threats to recruiters for Cloud? Most applications, CRM and ATS in particular, these days are being offered in full fat (office installations) or lighter (cloud) options. Equally, social media is total cloud, so many recruiters are working in it already.

For every user or purchaser FLEXIBILITY provides a significant opportunity.

For the company considering Cloud, you can scale up or down your operation quickly and efficiently. You can expand in exotic locations at the drop of a hat, knowing that so long as there is some form of Internet connection you can open that office quickly and with limited resources. Costs become easy to identify and are scalable. Configuration and rollout of new systems is (generally) quicker. You are not reliant on an expensive IT department. In essence, send them a laptop and a login (and possibly a phone) and off they go!

For the field-based / on-call / part-time users being out of the office but having full access to systems either via a smart phone, tablet or laptop should speed up delivery of service to their clients. Management are also able to get real-time information and make decisions quicker based on the information that goes into the system quicker than if no remote access.

There are a number of issues that my clients always talk about: Security and Connection.

Ensuring your company data is secure, should said item be mislaid, or doesn’t walk off when people leave the business is one of the biggest concerns.

In addition to that your users must be able to access the systems so having a reliable data connection is of paramount importance as well.

These are just two threats that business owners / management must ensure they have “figured out” before implementing Cloud based technologies.

There are plenty more opportunities and threats and we look forward to discussing these in the track at #TruLeeds.

Wayne Barclay is the Virtual IT Director for consultancy Barclay-Jones, and will be leading a track at #truleeds covering this key recruiting topic. I’m really interested in the security element, and look forward to discussing more this Thursday.


Barclay Jones
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