My TruLondon Experience – 6 weeks on

Nearly 6 weeks on and I have finally had time to properly reflect on my first experience of an Unconference – and may I say I hope there are many more.

Bill had kindly invited me to this years first TruLondon, unfortunately I was only able to attend for just the one day.

In my blog prior to the event I marked out what I hoped to achieve i.e.:

• How has social media changed the ways some organisations recruit paid staff
• Can we use social media to effectively recruit volunteers and can this been done from a very local level
• How have other organisations improved staff and customer engagement via the use of Social Media
• In practical terms how do you trust your staff/volunteers with social media in the workplace.

Did I achieve my objectives?? On the whole the answer is yes, to all but one.

I did start to understand how social media has changed and constantly changing recruitment. It is now abundantly clear that Social Media is vital in effective and efficient recruitment of a diverse workforce. This is a huge topic though, but by networking (with aide of the meet meme cards) I am learning more and more as I follow the other lovely attendee’s on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin – to you all a huge thank you.

I also started, with the help of Gavin McGlynn’s track, to understand the power a blog or employee hub has when it comes to staff/volunteer engagement. Again a huge topic but it was great to get a taster for it. It was this session where I learnt that you have to trust your workforce in social media to be self-moderating, and if they don’t you are judged on how you handle it not that they have said an inappropriate thing.

The organisation was very different to that of any other conference I have been to but I loved its informal nature and for me it felt like home. It was a great day, a huge learning curve, and lots of fun. I have never felt that tired after a conference before either!

Oh and the objective that didn’t get met? That was around Volunteers, there were lots of people there with expertise on employee recruitment (regardless of whether its strategic or not) and I would have loved an opportunity to talk volunteers with someone – if there is anyone out there who wants to share volunteering experiences then please get in contact – @kbmayes

I have been able to take a lot away with me from just one day. Thanks Bill it was really good – I owe you one!