The Awesome power Of Personal Accounts

My previous experiences at #Tru events have been terrific – great people, great content and a really stimulating format – so I’m very much looking forward to doing it all again at #TruDublin later this week!

This time around I’m running a track called Employee Branded, looking at empowering employees to publish running accounts of their workplace experiences, to help prospective hires get a better insight into what it’s like to work for a particular employer.

Arguably traditional Employer Brand materials – advertising, brochures, videos, websites and the like – have not kept up with the times and are increasingly ineffective, especially amongst entry-level talent.

I’ve seen this first hand as Global Head of Employer Brand at Credit Suisse these last few years – there has been an explosion in the number of channels a prospective hire can go to for information about a particular employer and this has led to a corresponding erosion of trust in the information employers themselves provide.

Often this is compounded by the fact that many employers struggle to clearly differentiate themselves from their competition and their mandating that marketing materials pass through many levels of corporate sanitizing, so that they end up bland and sterile. In the meantime the real story is increasingly leaking from the organisations directly from employees through their networks.

Has the time has come for employers to embrace this change and start empowering employees to share authentic experiences? After all the big difference between competing organisations is often their culture and personal accounts are often the best way to express it.

Can employers shake off their command and control mindset and trust their employees? What ground rules need to be in place? How should they deal with less than positive accounts? Which employers are leading the way and what have their experiences been? What is the best way to test this out in your organisation? How should this approach co-exists with more traditional ones?

If you are looking for answers to these questions come join me at #TruDublin Wednesday morning, or follow the hashtag!

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