Hi! Alice here. I used to love playing games that is why I like hanging out at 666 casino and play my favorite online casino games. Dad asked me to do a piece about how Gen Z use social networking, the Internet, gaming, how much time I spend doing things, internet security. I thought I’d start off with collaborative gaming for a start.
Usually when I play multi player games on the Internet, we all put in a team effort. Somebody says a small idea such as; ‘Why don’t we build a simple house here?’ and it grows into a really posh tower with a relaxation room with glass panes and beds and things that would come with VATs in real life. Gen Z like things to be very privileged, even if it takes time and effort. Nobody is in charge, we all work together and say ‘I’ll work on this part’, and they all work hard. We use teamwork to its best.
Next, how do I use social networking?
Simple. I use it to keep in contact with my classmates and people that left our school one or two years ago and talk to my best friends during school holidays, like most of Gen Z. Most of us play games such as PetVille, FarmVille etc.
I use the Internet on games (my favourite would be Minecraft). I like sites such as Miniclip and Newgrounds, as Newgrounds has many talented artists and animators, and Miniclip searches far and wide for fun, kid-friendly games.
Internet security – I know about that a lot. Every year our school does a lesson on internet security at the start, in the middle of the year and at the end. On social networking sites like Facebook, I only learnt in September that every time theres an update, your privacy settings update. A few of the kids in my class have Facebook and went home and changed their settings back, that information stuck firmly in their heads. Many underage children in the UK have a Facebook, lots without their parents knowing. I think that you should always have your parents permission if you join a site like that, as it is an open site and anybody could find you and look at your pictures. I think MSN is altogether a better site than Facebook, as it is closed and has privacy.
My dad also asked me to talk about what I think jobs will be like when I’m older and what job I want.
The latter question? Easy. I’d like to be an author, and I think it will be extremely easy to get that job when I’m older – I don’t need to search far and wide for a publisher, e-books will probably be all the rage. Hundreds of people download e-books every half hour of the day.
I think jobs will be the same for Gen Z, but perhaps quite a bit harder to get because of the number of unemployed people at the moment. I think teachers have to work much harder to get children to learn, especially for their GCSEs. They are a very important part of your life and I can imagine GCSE levels dropping for Gen Z as they become more rebellious until they become an adult. They are often distracted by matters such as; dating, too much pressure etc. I cannot stress enough how much I think teachers should remind them all through their GCSE year, study study study. Our school has introduced job applications to help around the school to prepare us for later life and I think that is a fantastic idea so children know how hard they have to work to get something.
Thats me done,
Gen Z Alice.

Dads footnote: Alice is 9. I have not edited or contributed to this post in any way. Bill