Sometimes you don’t need words.A picture, especially of faces creates a thousand more thoughts,ideas or emotions. Oscar Mager of RecruitingEssential.Nl has been attending #tru events since the first #truAmsterdam. He can always be seen snapping pictures or creating video.He can best be described as #truPapperazzi.
What I love about the picture story of events more than anything else is the emotions and expressions captured as they happen.It’snotlike a series of posed photos of people doing their best to look cool or be seen with the coolest kids at the party. Oscars pictures are discretely captured (despite a long lens!) of people in action, and he puts them together in to a video montage.
Photo’s and video are the most shared content. Natural pictures taken around the workplace give the best insight of what it is like to work there, and give a real feel for the culture.
I’ve been working with the EMEA Recruiting team at Oracle recently,helping to encourage employer generated content because I believe that pictures in particular form sharable and believable content.Anyone with a camera phone can generate content that tells the employer brand story.I use Oscars pictures to illustrate exactly what I’m talking about.
When he is not snapping, Oscar will be leading a track at #truDublin entitled “every picture” to discuss all things relating to photo content.I will definitely be heading that way and smiling!

This is Oscars pictures from #truAmsterdam.If you’venever been to a #tru event, this gives you a real taste of what happens, and if you’ve been, you’ll recognise some of the faces!

Thanks Oscar, for your great contribution!

Oscar Mager