Today I found a really simple WordPress function that enables you to embed a tweet in a blog post and keep it active.
This means you can highlight a particular post, promote an event, job or post, just about anything you either see or tweet about.
I see this as being really useful for posts relating to twitter conversations because any reader can retweet the message, favourite it, reply with a comment of your own or send a DM to the originator (if you are following them), direct from the post.
It’s called “Twitter Blackberry Pie!” Strange, I know, but it works well. All you need to do to feature a tweet is click on the date displayed at the bottom of the post.

This takes you to a twitter page that shows just the tweet.

Copy the URL for this page from the address bar and post it in you’re in your content in a line on its own.

Thats all you have to do. The tweet appears in a border with all the message functions live, thanks to a change in the twitter API allowing for remote access and embedded tweets.
The avatar is shown complete with picture, surrounded by a stand-alone border.

This is my test post to see Twitter Blackbird Pie in action. If you like it, reply to the message and see how it works.

Look forward to seeing tweets in your posts!


Content and images taken from the WordPress.Com support blog, my constant source of WordPress info!

PS: If it doesn’t work first time, go to: Settings – Media – Allow Auto-Embed in your WordPress dashboard. Simple!