I blogged a while ago about meeting one of my social-media idols @documentally on a train journey from Preston to Northampton. I’d been on the mobile and he had overheard me use the term “tweetup.” This triggered a conversation and a meeting with someone I had been following (and learning from for a while.)
I mention this story because we both agreed that “tweetup” was some kind of a geek password that enabled us to connect.
Recently, I’ve been working on drawing up lists of the geek passwords in the sectors they recruit in. These are the words that their target candidates use when they talk to each other about work or projects relevant to the sector. The only way to identify these words is to either ask, be in the conversation or follow what is being said in industry groups, forums or blog posts.
Once you have your list of geek words, those used by your targets and not many others,set up searches and alerts in all of the social channels. This is far more targeted and effective than searching for job titles, and because searches and alerts are in real-time, the people you find are current and most likely relevent. Searching content and postings by “geek words” proves far more effective than searching for bios, directory listings or profiles.
What are your geek words?