If you weren’t a recruiter, or battling your way through HR, what would be the coolest job in the world to do? I started thinking about this when I was sent a link to the “Cool Jobs” landing page for a formula one racing team, powered by Monster.Com. They’ve pulled off a bit of a coup by working with the Marussia F1 Team  in putting together a brand new team. It’s great for Monster, but I think it will also work out well for Marussia.

Now when we think Formula one, it’s natural to think of Jenson Button, Lewis Hamilton and co. It’s inevitable that we think of the headline makers, and not that it takes 200 people to get the car around the track in a quick time. There is the engineering staff that makes the real difference to times by clipping off seconds through innovation. The whole team though will consist of people in the office, accounts, payroll and even the odd H.R. manager. There are lots of jobs that would look on the outside to look ordinary, but become cool because of who the employer is, or the products they produce. 

Now this gets me thinking. When you’re not a formula one racing team or anything nearly as sexy, perhaps an insurance company or an accountant, how do you turn “just another job” in to a “cool job?” This is where employer branding comes in to play. Jobs become cool by the right association, and this is brought to the public eye through social activity. Creating places where people can tell the real story of work, and share a look in to their working life and workplace through pictures, video and other content.

If you asked any of the millions who are unemployed around the world, I think they would mostly say that any job is cool. That work is cool. I think we sometimes forget that our jobs and workplace is cool to someone looking for that kind of job or your kind of workplace. In the day to day of doing a job, of working with the same people or at the same desk each day, it’s easy to forget that to people outside of the day to day, it’s actually both cool and interesting. Whenever I work with new brand advocates, it’s getting this point across that is actually one of the hardest things to achieve. To do this you need to get them to look at the business, department or job that they do, and see it through the eyes of an outsider. What would they want to know? What would they see as cool? What makes you a cool employer and how can you communicate this in an authentic way? Being cool without being cheesy? That’s the real challenge of employer branding, getting people to share with peers, and understand what is interesting. You might be surprised to see just what content people respond to, from pictures of desks to videos of the canteen. These images can take your business in to the “cool” category, when you create a place where content can be posted and let people share.

I love what Monster have done with the cool jobs landing page, and the Marrussia F1 team in creating a video and job board campaign in building the team in this way, behind the headline of “take us to the podium!” Watch the video, there’s a brilliant message on building the right team, and why a racing team would turn to a job board.


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