At Louisiana SHRM I got the privilege of presenting again with my friend Craig Fisher, better known as @Fishdogs. It is a bit of a geek fest when I get together with Craig. We are always looking at the latest apps that come out, and trying to hack them for recruiting purposes. With 100′s of apps coming out each week, it’s hard to keep up without one slipping under the net, so it is great when we can compare notes, even if the stalker potential scared the HR audience a little.
I have included the presentation that lists all the tools that we had a look at. Whilst the presentation is called cool tools, I would always maintain that it’s not the tool that is cool. A carpenter doesn’t call a hammer or a saw cool, but it’s what they do with them that sometimes get great and unexpected results. I think these tools are much the same, less cool tool than cool result. You need to be careful to not get seduced by the bright and shiny things, whilst being open to finding the ones that really will help you find the best talent.
As well as the ones on the list, i also did a bit of a live demo of Bullhorn Reach, and talked a little bit about Tribepad (as middleware), and the Visibli share bar that i have blogged about recently. It was a great session, and a real joy to show some of the unitiated just what is possible with a little imagination. Thanks Craig for inviting me to join you again. It’s always a blast.
As well as looking at the tools, Craig also shared a few tips on LinkedIn, that form part of his LinkedIn certified training. Things like:

> A profile of a 1000 words or more gets 40% of clicks.
> Pictures or avatars with photos of men staring straight at the camera and trying to smile or holding their chin 80% less connection requests from women than those who look at an angle.
>The word jobs is searched for 4xmore than job. always use Jobs in keywords.
>Embed keywords and long-tailed keyword phrases as the name on links to sections of your website for SEO.

While I like them all, I think to tool that really stood out for me was Rapportiv. I’m going to be blogging about this in more detail later in the week. Enjoy the show!