Inside The Sourcers Brain

If you could pop the hood of the cranium of some of the best sourcers, and look inside to see just how their brain is wired, I think there might be a few surprises.

Technical aptitude, fluency in geek speak, programming etc are going to be there in abundance but it is all only part of the mix. you can learn all these things from a wise old sourcing master.
The most important sourcing skill however, and one you can never learn, is logic.
You can’t learn logic,and   whatever people may say, you can’t automate it. The most important skill that separates the really succesful talent sourcer from the average is the application of human logic to technology. i always find it amusing when trainers offer courses, or HR professionals bang on about teaching innovation. You can’t teach innovation. You can’t teach common sense. You can nurture those skills, encourage and allow people to take risks, allow time for discovery. if common sense and logic is missing,It’s not something that can be acquired.

The type of brain that thinks if this guy works at this company, he might well know someone who can do this job. I can’t see it in his social connections or his footprint, but I’m sure if I asked him he would, and if he doesn’t then he probably knows someone who does know someone.The chain continues untill the ideal person is found.
Having spent some time with some corporate recruiters recently talking sourcing and technology, it was pretty clear that many of their searches were falling short on 2 accounts:

1) They were always searching for candidates who met the target 100%. You rarely, if ever, get a 100% black and white match. The magic is in the grey. The bits you take out of the search string or the questions you ask to locate someone close enough to the spec to do it.
2) Thinking of the result of a boolean string as the end of the search. The people (i don’t think of them as bio’s!) you find are the beginning. they are the people who will lead you to the talent that you really need.

I think a lot of this comes down to whether you negatively or positively match people. Most recruiters or sourcers conduct a search and identify possible candidates either from c.v.’s, LinkedIn profiles or similar and look for reasons to eliminate the potential candidates. The reasons they are not suitable for the role. I have always taken the opposite approach. I’m looking for the reasons someone could be suitable for the job.
Finding those 2 or 3 points that mean someone either can do the job, or may well be connected or know someone who could do it, this is the beginning of the search, not the end of it, and the smart sourcer uses their brain to go and unlock the clues.

TheSocialCV.Com locates people via their social footprint and connects bio’s profiles, blogs etc in one place. It is a great sourcing tool. What i find interesting when using it is how a person often only reveals their profesional details in one place, whilst being present in other channels.

In a recent search for specialist employment lawyers practicing in Dublin, with twitter accounts, i found 40 people who matched these 3 requirments. Interestingly, only 3 of the twitter accounts listed their profesional details anywhere on twitter, The profesional detail came from LinkedIn, Plaxo or Google profiles. TheSocialCV connects these places, one to the other, to find the best channel to engage. While this tech will do this, the good sourcer is always thinking where is the next placeto look. Peoples profesional details are not always obvious in their social places, but the majority of profesions are represented in the engagment channels of Twitter and Facebook. The good sourcer connectsthe social places by searching for things like geek words in content rather than obvioud bio adverts.
we’re going to be looking at sourcer DNA at #truLeeds on the 23′rd/24′th june and the Australasian talent conference Source event in August.
To start the conversation, what do you think makes up the sourcers DNA?



#ATCSource – featuring Glen Cathey, Jim Stroud, Bill Boorman and others


#TruDublin Schedule: 25’th – 26’th May
After feedback and crowd-sourcing attendees of #truDublin, we’ve come with a schedule for the event that is topical, current and bound to provoke conversation #tru style. There will be 3 tracks running each hour, hosted by a track-leader with expertise in or experience in the discussion topic. Tracks last for an hour and the content is determined by the participants, it’s open conversation.
If you have any tracks you want to add, contact me and we will schedule the track for you. Participants include recruiters (corporate and agency),HR, technologists, job board staff, job seekers and more.
The #TruDublin Schedule
Wednesday 25’th May
9.30 – 10.00: Welcome and introduction/Augmented Reality Check

Host Sponsor

Track 1 – Hub 1 – Guerilla Recruiting – Rob Van Elburg- 10.00 -11.00
Track 2 – Hub 2 – Graduates and Social Media – Ruxandra Fratescu – 10.00 – 11.00
Track 3 – Hub 3 – Running Virtual Teams – Arie Ball – 10.00 -11.00
11.00 – 12.15 – Coffee
Track 4 – Hub 1 – The Social Agency – Steve Ward – 11.15 – 12.15
Track 5 – Hub 2 – Employee Branded – Max Hayward – 11.15 – 12.15
Track 6 – Hub 3 – Merging Communication Channels – Calin Fusu – 11.15 – 12.15

12.30 – 1.30 – Lunch
Track 7 – Hub 1 – Secret Sourcing – Johnny Campbell – 1.30 – 2.30
Track 8 – Hub 2 – Every Picture Tells A Story – Oscar Marger – 1.30 – 2.30
Track 9 – Hub 3 – Contracting and the AWD – TBC
Track 10 – Hub 1 – Case Study: Hard Rock Firenze – Hiring 120 people in 4 weeks – Bill Boorman
Track 11 – Hub 2 – Creative content and curation – Martin Couzins
Track 12 – Hub 3 – The Future For Job Boards – TBC -


3.30 – 3.45 – Coffee
Track 13 – Hub 1 – Case Study: The Sodexo USA Case Study – Arie Ball – 3.45 – 4.45
Track 14 – Hub 2 – Hiring via twitter – Ivan  Stojenovic - 3.45 – 4.45
Track 15 – Hub 3 – Future ATS – Michael Wallace – 3.45 – 4.45
Tweetup: Dublin night(All welcome)
May 26’th: Day 2
9.30- 10.00: Welcome/Challenges – Bill Boorman
Track 15 – Hub 1 – Technology Shopping List – Mark Kieve – 10.00 – 11.00


Track 16 – Hub 2 – Mobile Recruiting – Dave Martin – 10.00 – 11.00
Track 17 – Hub 3 – Hiring Graduates – Ruxxana Fratescu – 10.00 – 11.00
11.00- 11.15 –Coffee
Track 18 – Hub 1 – Linking In – Johnny Campell – 11.15 – 12.15
Track 19 – Hub 2 –Social Footprint – Bill Fischer – 11.15 – 12.15
Track 20 – Hub 3 – Internal Sourcing – Arie Ball

12.30 – 1.30 – Lunch
Track 21 – Hub 1 – Video in Recruiting – TBC – 1.30 – 2.30

Social-Media Sponsor

Track 22 – Hub 2 – Referral Recruiting – Bill Boorman – 1.30 – 2.30
Track 23 – Hub 3 – Professional Sector Recruiting – Max Hayward – 1.30 – 2.30
Track 24 – Hub 1 – Talent Shortages – Rob Van Elburg -2.30 – 3.30
Track 25 – Hub 2 – Talent Communities – Arie Ball – 2.30 – 3.30
Track 26 – Hub 3 – Blog Workshop – The Blog Squad – 2.30 – 3.30
3.30 – 3.45 – Coffee
Closing conversation – 3.45 – 4.45 – The Future For Recruiting – Peter Cosgrove
4.45 – 5.00 – Close- Bill Boorman
Thanks to our sponsors who have made #truDublin possible:

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Host Sponsor: CPL
#TruSponsor: Broadbean
#TruSponsor: Jobsite
Technology Sponsor: Allthetopbannanas
Social Media Sponsor: Arithon

It would not be possible to run high quality events with accessible pricing without their support,
We salute you!


Why haven't more recruiters jumped on the Social Media bandwagon ?

Hi, I’m Elkie Holland  Director and founder of Prospectus IT Recruitment  and Bill asked me to guest blog for him whilst he is hopefully having a fantastic holiday.

I run a boutique IT recruitment agency that works in a very niche market. A question which I often hear from those involved with Social Media is:  “Why haven’t more recruiters jumped on the Social Media bandwagon and started Social Recruiting?” In their minds, it is fundamentally free (except for time) and simple and gives great results. I’d like to try to shed some light on this question;  Specifically the “when” and “why” more agencies haven’t adopted it faster.

Basically a Recruiter has to get the forces on their side, then traverse the Social Media Universe avoiding the TimeLoss Vortexes and hopefully making it through the Asteroid Information Overload Zone then stop on the variety of planets to set up bases and learn the local language and alignment and can only then get closer to arriving at the promised land of Social Recruiting and Social Media success. Let’s explore this analogy further:

Read the blog below or watch the movie:

Roger the Recruiter has a busy and hard enough job already in that he/she already has three separate forces to contend with that he has to juggle:

- Force 1: The agency boss or recruitment manager – demanding financial targets to be met.
- Force 2: The clients – all want the perfect candidate yesterday.
- Force 3: The candidates – who want the perfect job and constant communication.

As those savvy with Social Media already know, it takes time to plan and implement an effective campaign in Social Media , so it can take quite a while for a Recruiter to learn how to effectively use it to gain results. There is no handbook out there to help them.

Imagine this: Roger Recruiter gets all the forces in agreement with his concept and proposal that Social Media / Recruiting is a great and effective route forwards. Finally, his mission to go into the Social Media world is cleared for launch. Roger Recruiter gets into his Rocket and launches into the Social Media Universe. His voyage begins …

Roger Recruiter first comes up to the Planet of LinkedIn and sets up a base (profile) and starts to make connections : excellent, the SM Mission is progressing nicely.

WAIT … Roger’s radio phone buzzes:

Agency Boss: “…. return to base immediately, do not make any further advances or moves in the Social Media Universe. Your SM Mission has been terminated with immediate effect“
Roger: “Why, what’s the problem ?”
Agency Boss: “Return to base immediately or you risk other things being terminated too!”

Roger returns to base. There is a disturbance in one of the forces: his Agency Boss has contracted “Loss Fear Malady”.   Loss Fear Malady is the Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt (also known as the “FUD Factor”) about who owns SM connections and contacts, who can keep what, who has access, etc, should Roger Recruiter decide to change jobs in the future. The larger Agency Boss now goes under “Legalese” Care to try to find a remedy and solution to this problem – the smaller Agency Boss can’t afford Legalese Care so the disease stays with them. Time passes, and some missions into the Social Media Universe are permanently grounded due to “Legalese Care” and “Loss Fear Malady”.

Luckily for our intrepid hero Roger Recruiter, a balance or truce is struck and all his forces are in agreement once again more so another mission is launched into Social Media Universe.

Roger Recruiter reaches LinkedIn and things have changed there already since his first encounter but Roger continues undaunted. He decides that as he already has a base on LinkedIn, he’d better plot courses to other planets (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube) quickly to set up bases in case of a quick recall again.

Danger! Roger now finds himself deeper in Social Media Universe, and wanders into the Asteroid Information Overload Zone. This is filled with loads of free advice, helpful fellow astronauts (social media gurus) all pointing different routes with varying messages, massive amounts of software, free apps, plug ins. There is no clear pathway.

He’s being pounded and bumped around in his rocket: The noise is HUGE … “Go to Facebook” – “Use Twitter” – “Don’t forget YouTube” – “Go back and do Groups on LinkedIn” – “Use x,y,z tool” –  “Agents you must engage” –  “Listen don’t talk to start” – “Facebook is personal” – “Facebook is a recruiter’s goldmine” – “Facebook is purely personal” – ““Agents don’t broadcast jobs”.

Roger Recruiter suffers massive head trauma from the information overload and has to retreat for medical treatment. Fortunately, Roger Recruiter is refreshed after a break and ventures forth again, feeling he’s more prepared this time to navigate the Asteroid Information Overload Zone, but wait! Everything has moved place and there seems to be even more noise than before with even more tools to investiage.

Roger Recruiter stays calm and carefully make his way, but he bombarded by new information and feels he’s making great progress. There is a constant buzzing from his Rocket’s Radio Phone. His Forces back on Earth are disturbed: they are questioning progress and demanding results one way or the other. Eventually one message comes through that cannot be ignored. “Agency Boss says: “ We’ve been patient, we’ve given you time but it’s been 3 months and you have no results. Without results there will be no job. Get results !”. Roger Recruiter is surprised that it has already been 3 months then realises that he fallen into one of the many TimeLoss Vortexes.

Roger still firmly believes that the future lies in the Social Recruiting Land which is at the far side of the Social Media Universe, but now he has 2 choices.

1) Continue to chart the Asteroid Information Overload Zone and try to get results before losing a job.
2) Return to base and continue with already known, tried, traditional and tested techniques.

What’s an Agency Boss supposed to do? Let a Recruiter continue with non-billing periods ? There are agency bills to pay and Recruiters sales are needed.
What’s a Client to do? Continue waiting or go to another agency? He needs to hire.
What’s a Candidate going to do?
Hmmm, what’s a Recruiter going to do? He needs to earn money to eat …

So…. realistically there are many who have tried but fallen at the variety of hurdles along the way to Social Recruiting:

1) Couldn’t start the journey as their forces were not in alignment.
2) Recalled from SM Mission due to Fear Loss Malady (FUD) and then grounded by Legalese.
3) Non-Recovery from Head Trauma caused in the Asteroid Information Overload Zone.
4) Sucked and still whirling in one of the many TimeLoss Vortexes.
5) Forces terminate mission.

So, while there is not an easy answer, there are Recruiters using Social Media for their jobs. It just requires, as all worthwhile things do, time, effort, and luck.

Job:Social Recruiting Integrator – Oracle EMEA #SocialRecruiting

I recently had the pleasure of hearing Kevin Blair, Head Of recruiting, EMEA delivering a presentation on how Oracle’s 60 recruiters across the region had adopted social media in to the recruiting mix. Theres a blog coming with more detail later this week.
I spoke to Kevin today about a new role Oracle EMEA have just created. It doesn’t have a title yet so I’ve made one up that I think best describes what they are looking for.
The brief is to get full adoption of social media by the 60 recruiters who serve the business across the region, by leading the implementation of social places and encouraging adoption through training and influence.
The role will probably be based in Eastern Europe, with the flexibility for regular travel across the region. It’s much more about the individual though, who will be well-connected with a track record in social recruiting.
I don’t have any detail on salary or benefits, i’m not acting as a recruiter.I’m sharing the job because I think it is a fantastic opportunity, if I wasn’t unemployable I’d want to do it myself!
If you are interested in finding out more, contact Kevin Blair directly. I’m not going to list his contacts,if you can do this job you will find him!
Good Luck,

The Hard Rock Firenze Candidate Experience#SocialRecruiting

You might recall my recent post on the recruiting campaign Hard Rock Firenze are conducting for the opening of a new cafe in Florence. 3 weeks from launch, the application process is closing and the selection stage begins in earnest. The fan page now stands a few short of 9,500 fans and the excellent Work4Us application has processed over 3,300 candidates, applying in multiple formats and languages. From a response point of view, this is success to stage one, with all objectives over achieved in terms of volume and looking at the breakdown of applications, relevance.

What has been most notable has been what potential candidates have been asking about on the page. 95% of the questions have been about the process. difficulties candidates are having applying, attaching C.V.’s, finding the right job, what language to apply to etc. All of these questions have been easy to answer quickly, encouraged by the promise that they can apply by the Work4Us app, by e-mail, even by video, and that every application will be read by a person.

Theres a team of 8 hiring managers, half Italian, half English, who have been assembled to do this over 4 days. The candidates are well aware of the feedback process, and there’s a series of livestream events scheduled on the fan page to answer questions live, direct with the hiring managers.

As a result of some confusion over end of application dates, it was possible to pick up on the issue quickly via the Fanpage, resolve it by moving the deadline by 24 hours, and what could have been a cause for complaint against the employer brand, has attracted public praise and appreciation. I’m not sure how this would have panned out on a traditional careers site.

The interview booking process, which is normally a logistical nightmare, has been streamlined, with the succesful candidates booking slots via Tungle, filling the recruiters diary. The whole hiring process for a new opening (150 staff), will be completed in record time with much clearer communication. I’m sold on Facebook, and the level of belonging and engagement that a good page can generate, that would be hard, time-consuming and expensive elsewhere. Even a process error, which could have proved a PR nightmare, has been turned in to a positive situation because it was easy to spot, pick-up and publicly respond to.

Kudos to Alison McCue who has championed and implemented the campaign, and all the team who have been monitoring comments, responding quickly and engaging with potential customers and employers. It’s been a great campaign that puts the candidate experience at the heart of the process.

What have been your experiences of recruiting through Facebook?


#Tru kommer till Stockholm!

Tack vare Michelle Rea på Social Honesty och sponsorn Monster.se.
#Tru är en såkallad ”unconferences” för dig med intresse för HR, rekrytering, teknik och employeer branding.

Vad är en unconference?
En unconference är ett event som bygger på konversation mellan deltagarna. Man väljer ett ämne som intresserar en och sedan deltar man aktivit i diskussionen. Varje diskussionsämne presenteras av en moderator, utvald för dess kunskap inom ämnet. Moderatorns roll är att starta upp konversationen och hålla den igång men i övrigt är det upp till dig! När du deltar är det du som sätter agendan, du som frågar vad du vill och du som delar med dig.
Tre diskussioner löper parallellt varje timme och när du fått nog av en diskussion hoppar du raskt över till nästa. Du behöver inte stanna längre än du själv vill och fokus ligger till 100% på ditt lärande och ditt nätverkande och inte att pressa i dig en massa information du inte vill höra.

Det finns 4 enkla regler, bortsett från det är resten upp till dig:

1: Inga Presentationer.
2: Ingen Powerpoint
3: Inget namnlappar. Om du vill veta vem någon är; fråga!
4: Deltagarna bestämmer innehåll och mål.
För Stockholm tar vi en reträtt strategi.
Antalet platser är begränsat till 75 stycken så skynda dig att boka redan idag!


Regional Rekrytering

Vad är skillnaden mellan att attrahera och rekrytera talanger i
Europa eller världen? Vad fungerar och vad som är absolut no-no? Vad är riskerna med outsourcing? Hur hittar du dina topptalanger?

Social Rekrytering
Från Twitter till Facebook, hur fungerar rekrytering i sociala medier? Vilka kanaler som fungerar? Kan rekrytering via sociala medier implementeras i din organisation eller ska ni fortsätta såsom ni alltid gjort? Vilka är framgångs historierna? Vem gör det bra och kan visa resultat?

Tekniks inköpslista?
Tekniken förändras i snabb takt. Vilken teknik är viktigt för HR och rekryterare och vad kommer härnäst? Hur kan rekryterare nyttja ”molnet” och vilka förändringar kommer detta att medföra? Från ATS till databas, allt handlar om teknik.

Nya Skool mot Gamla Kool?
Det har alltid pratats om att rekrytering måste förändras och utvecklas. Social Media, Branding, Value Proposition etc har blivit den mest omtalade
försökspersoner med att rekrytera, företag eller tredje part. Detta spår tittar på
där nya verktyg passa med gamla regler, och ställer frågan om
någonting har verkligen förändrats, och om det ska.

Job Board 2020
Om man dömmer utifrån många inlägg och debatter håller jobbsiter på att dö ut. Siffrorna och kandidaterna verkar tala ett annat språk. Hur kommer jobbsajter utvecklas under de kommande åren, och vilken roll kommer de att spela i rekryteringsprocessen?

Var passar LinkedIn i rekryterings mixen? Vilken effekt har LinkedIn på företags rekryteringsprocessen? Hur inkorporeras LinkedIn på befintliga jobsiter (inklusive Monster)?

Employeer Brandning
Vad innefattar employeer branding? Ska employeer brandning dikteras av marknadsavdelningen? Hur mycket inverkan har sociala medier har på varumärket? Kan ett företags employeer brand separeras från företagets varumärke? Vad är det bästa sättet att återspegla ett företags varumärke och värderingar som arbetsgivare?

Är Facebook en bra plattform för rekrytering? Ska Facebook enbart vara ett personligt nätverk eller kan/kommer gränserna att suddas ut?

Ny bloggare?
Att blogga är ett av de mest effektiva sätten att marknadsföra sitt personliga varumärke. Som ny bloggare har man oftast en rad frågor såsom vilken plattform man skall använda och hur man skapar innehåll? Ställ dina frågor och funderingar till erfarna bloggare.

Vad utgör en community? Hur skapar man ett community och hur håller du medlemmar engagerade? Vilken roll ska och
kan tekniken spela? Hur skiljer sig online från offline? Allt detta och mycket mer.

Socialt lärande
Om lärande förändras, hur kan vi integrera sociala lärande och utveckling i traditionell utbildning? Är det nuvarande utbildningssystemet “Inte anpassat för ändamålet?” Hur kan social inlärning byts mot arbetsplats lärande?
Vad förändras nu och vad kommer att förändras i framtiden?

Rekrytering via referenser
Framhålls ofta som den mest effektiva och billigaste
form av rekrytering. Allt eftersom det personliga nätverk växer och blir virala såsom tillexempel Linked, hur kommer
detta inverkan på företagens sätt att rekrytera?

Secret Sourcing
Vilken är den bästa vägen att hitta de bästa kandidaterna? Vilka kanaler fungerar bäst och hur har detta förändras? Hur och var söker man och är det någon kategori som är extra svår att hitta? Dela med dig av tips och prata med experter om hur de hitta folk.

Slaget om Bloggare
Alltid populär på # truevents. Gå med i “blogg Squad” och andra erfarna bloggare och prata hur man bygger en effektiv blogg. Vilka är de bästa källorna för innehåll och vilka tjänster har störst inverkan? Hur kan du sprida ditt budskap för att nå din målgrupp? Dela med dig av dina insikter med andra bloggare och ta med dina frågor.

Global räckvidd
Rekrytering, HR och nätverk har blivit globala. Hur har detta påverkat vårt sätt att arbeta? Vilka är fallgroparna med Hr och globalisering? Hur skiljer sig olika kulturer åt och hur påverkar detta vårt sätt att arbeta? Hur planerar en global kampanj?

Kandidat Upplev Solutions
Istället för att tala om de vanliga problemen kandidat erfarenhet, och alla
enas det finns ett problem, kommer denna låt titta på lösningar
specifikt. Vilka är de goda saker folk gör och hur detta
tas emot? kan tala verkliga lösningar och fixar i stället reflektera över
gamla problem.

Locka akademikerna till dig!
Vad är det för utmaningar akademiker söker? Hur får man ett internship att verkligen fungera? Vilka är de mest effektiva sätten att bygga relationer med dagens akademiker? Hur knyter du och din organsation till er forskartalanger?

Gen Y om Gen Y
Det har varit mycket prat, myter och kommentarer om Generation Y, vad är sanning och vad är påhitt? Många som diskuterar och debatterar kring Gen Y är inte själva en del av Gen Y. Diskussionen kommer att ledas av Gen Y:are och de kommer att dela med sig avsina åsikter om vad de verkligen gillar. Vilken är den bästa strategi för att attrahera och behålla de bästa förmågorna från denna generation?

Anti – Social
Socialmedia rekrytering bör endast utgöra en del av din rekryterings- och talangstrategi. Hur når man dem som sitter utanför den social media?

Going Mobile
En smartphone blir var mans egendom och inverkar på hur människor söker information och ger ständig tillgång till internet. Vad är viktigt för dig som HR-person att känna till kring mobil och HR? Vad är egentligen fungerar och vad kan förkastas? Dela dina tankar, erfarenheter och frågor med människor med erfarenhet av mobilen som verktyg.

Hur bra ditt innehåll än är är det värdelöst om det inte går att hitta. Twittra på och dela dina länkar men den verkliga effekten får du utav en SEO-optimerad site. Så vad är SEO? Vad är myt och vad är verklighet? Dela med dig av dina tips och förstå hur sökmotorer och spindlar hitta dig. Vilka är dina Google-hemligheter och du är villiga att dela dem?

Video som marknadsföring, video som cv, video intervjuer ja vart är video och online-streaming på väg? Hur ser utvecklingen ut om 12 månader? Hur kan du integrerar din YouTube-kanal med de övriga kanaler du redan har?

Bekräftade moderatorer hittills är Fredrik Johnsson som startat HRSverige.nu (de har 1.200 medlemmar ankutna till HR), Johannes Sundlo som är ansvarig HRSverige bloggen (http://blogg.hrsverige.nu/), Propells VD Anna Malmström.

Detta är början på ämnen!. Vi kommer att lägga ämnen som du vill höra mer om.
Gå med och delta i konversationen!