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Great branding with YouTube channels, FaceBook and the app

I’m always on the lookout for cool, simple apps to share that I think can be used to enhance branding and recruiting. While reading the Facebook stream, I came across Timert, which is really simple to install and use. 

Timert enables you to automatically post new video content from your YouTube channel on to your wall and selected fan pages in one go. To install, all you need to do is add your name, e-mail address and the name of your YouTube channel.


The app adds your channel and frames new content. Viewers get access to additional content, and can directly access your YouTube channel via a visible button on the side of your profile or fan page.It keeps your look,image and content delivery consistent, and promotes your channel as well as your video. I think this is a great addition to branding efforts, and it’s free!
With the popularity of video content for sharing, anyone choosing to share will be spreading your branded channel as well as the individual video. I think this is a brilliant add-on to your profile and pages, bringing your social channels closer together. It’s also a great time saver if you are operating multiple micro-communities within Facebook fan pages. (Great for targeted recruiting!)

I’m going to be spending some time over the next week getting my channel looking right and further promoting it as a destination.

You can do quite a lot to your channel including adding:

:Video Page Banner:
Upload a small banner that will display above the info box on all your video pages (maximum 360px by 55px, format: GIF, JPEG, PNG, and no bigger than 256k).
Video Page Icon:
Choose a logo or icon that will display below your username in the info box on all your video pages (55px by 55px, format: GIF, JPEG, PNG).
Channel Banner:
Upload a large banner that will display at the top of your Channel page (maximum 875px by 150px for branded, 875px by 75px for enhanced and no bigger than 256k, format: GIF, JPEG, PNG).
Channel Banner Link (optional):
Include a link to an external site that will redirect a user to when clicking on your Channel Banner Graphic.
Mobile Channel Banner: Upload a mobile banner that will display at the top of your Channel page when viewed from a high-end mobile device (portrait banners need to be 320px by 50px, landscape banners need to be 480x by 50px, format: JPG, GIF or PNG and no bigger than 128k).
Connect Box Icon:
Choose a logo or icon that will display in the “Connect with…” box (55px by 55px, format: GIF, JPEG, PNG, and no bigger than 256k).
Channel Side Column Image:
Upload an image that will display in the left column around the “Connect with…” box (maximum 300px by 250px, format: GIF, JPEG, PNG).
Branding Box (optional):
Create a custom text box with an optional link back to a specified URL.
Branding Box Title (optional):
Create a title for the Branding box.
Channel layout:
You now have the option to choose the widescreen format for your channel layout which essentially means making the page wider and including a new widescreen player to show off content that was shot in the 16:9 widescreen format. The old player was sized at 480×360 (4:3 aspect ratio) while the new player is 640×360 (16:9 aspect ratio). The 16:9 content is displayed at a higher resolution and without black ‘letterbox’ bars at the top and bottom of the video.
Tracking Image URL (optional):
e.g. .
Redirect URL (optional): will redirected to this URL. (e.g. /contest/CONTESTNAME, /watch?v=XXXXXXXXXXX, or /group/GROUPNAME).
A few additional branding features include “Other Channel Links” which is optional. You can now list up to 16 destination channels in the order you would like them to be shown in your channel.

I’m going to be doing some work over the next week to get my channel looking the way I want it. As your channel views increase, YouTube will promote your channel (I think the magic number is 10,000), bringing additional viewers to your content.

Combining your channel with Timert in Facebook will only help to bring those viewers!

Who do you think is doing the best work promoting employer branding content via video?




My YouTube Channel

Hidden places to search for candidates

I’ve been playing around recently with alternative channels for searching for people.In my last post I talked about how to use geek words in your searches to find hidden people. In the search for the best talent,  you need to extend your searches beyond the usual LinkedIn, Google and Monster.No disrespect to these locations but if all other recruiters are searching in the same place, you end up in a footrace to be first.

The following sites have been shown good returns when using “keywords” and locations:


WordPress (main page search.)




Skillpages (formerly Weedle)


Google Images


Just a few ideas. What alternative sites or pages are you using to find possible candidates.


Embeding live tweets in your blog

Today I found a really simple WordPress function that enables you to embed a tweet in a blog post and keep it active.
This means you can highlight a particular post, promote an event, job or post, just about anything you either see or tweet about.
I see this as being really useful for posts relating to twitter conversations because any reader can retweet the message, favourite it, reply with a comment of your own or send a DM to the originator (if you are following them), direct from the post.
It’s called “Twitter Blackberry Pie!” Strange, I know, but it works well. All you need to do to feature a tweet is click on the date displayed at the bottom of the post.

This takes you to a twitter page that shows just the tweet.

Copy the URL for this page from the address bar and post it in you’re in your content in a line on its own.

Thats all you have to do. The tweet appears in a border with all the message functions live, thanks to a change in the twitter API allowing for remote access and embedded tweets.
The avatar is shown complete with picture, surrounded by a stand-alone border.

This is my test post to see Twitter Blackbird Pie in action. If you like it, reply to the message and see how it works.

Look forward to seeing tweets in your posts!


Content and images taken from the WordPress.Com support blog, my constant source of WordPress info!

PS: If it doesn’t work first time, go to: Settings – Media – Allow Auto-Embed in your WordPress dashboard. Simple!

Work4Labs Launch Personalised Jobs Referral Feature For Facebook #SocialRecruiting

If you’ve read my posts recently on the Hard Rock Firenze recruiting project, you will know that the Work4Us tab played a big part in driving 4000 applications over a 2 week period via the fan wall. The simplicity of the application process makes it a great add-on to a fanpage to convert it in to a career site on Facebook. When candidates review an individual job they also get a listing of similar jobs from the same company,increasing applications. Job seekers also like it because you don’t need to join or like it, show anything on your wall or share any other part of your personal profile other than your contact details..

My one concern for the future use of this and other similar apps is the ease with which jobs can be shared in to the stream. I believe users attitudes to indiscriminate posts on their wall or in their stream will lead to a blocking of accounts.Think BranchOut, and the first thing that comes to mind is spam and uninvited wall posts. Applications in this space need to come up with something different to win user confidence.

The new feature, which comes available from today,works in a similar way to Linked In Jobs Insider in that potential candidates who review jobs also get to see recommended fans from Facebook whose profile match the requirements of the job, as well as LinkedIn connections, based on skills and experience. The difference with the Work4Labs app is that messages aren’t posted to your wall,they are delivered as a private message one-to-one from a friend. Although the new feature is labeled a referral recruiting tool,I see it as more a personalised job sharing tool, but we shouldn’t underestimate the potential of personalised sharing between friends and contacts. The fact that it matches from LinkedIn and Facebook also sets it apart.

You can see how the app works on the L’Oreal Talent Recruitment fan page. At the bottom of the job spec you get the choice to see friends who would be perfect for the job. To activate the feature you need to give permission to access your profile and import your friends from LinkedIn. You only need to do this once, then the feature is live whenever you want to use it. It’s quick and simple, and you get your recommendations,with either a standard message or a free-text field to send to friends who match the spec.

With 6000 companies using the work4us tab,and over 250,000 jobs posted over the last year,Work4  the number one Facebook application of choice.  Having spoken to Sales Director Matt Brown about some of the other developments that will be coming out of Work4Labs in the coming months, I expect this app to continue to lead the field.



The Monster i-pad application: An audience with James Brian

I was lucky enough to get a sneak peak at the recently released Monster i-pad app for job seekers, and to spend some time with Monster UK’s director for Product,  James Brian

I’m not going to cover too much of the functionality, Matt Alder of Metashift has already done this in an informative post. What I will say is what I liked about it, and a few areas I think the product could be developed.

On the plus side, it’s very easy to use and navigate for job seekers. Search results are delivered according to location (GPS based), showing whats close by against your search criteria.

The larger screen space also makes applying much simpler that it would be via the i-phone or other mobile devices. The reality is that most job seekers using mobile apps bookmark jobs and apply later from a PC or laptop. the app is largely for browsing during down time and referencing.

With the i-pad app you can find a job, see the detail clearly, access your on-line resumes/c.v.’s (Monster allows you to store up to 6), write a tailored cover letter from a series of templates and apply. The application is then recorded against your monster profile, enabling you to keep up to date as to where you have applied on the move.

I have a few suggestions as to how Monster can improve the product, but overall I was impressed. It’s simple, quick to use (which is critical in the job seeking footrace which sometimes evolves), and makes job seeking on the move a real reality.

For job seekers looking to search for jobs away from the area they are in (and location is the top search criteria for job seekers in the UK), the default to search away from the location you are in could be easier to activate, without having to change the settings every time. Not everyone is going to want to search for local jobs close to their current location.

I’d also like to see the addition of being able to edit the resume/CV prior to submission. at the moment you can only use the resumes already stored on your Monster profile.

Whilst the i-pad currently has no camera, the very soon to be released i-pad 2 will have 2. For local job searches, the addition of augmented reality through the integration of a platform like layar would really work well in this app.

Adding data-maps, rather than directional maps would also help visualise your search in the local area, which would be very useful when you are looking local, and would enable job seekers to drill down in to local jobs and access other web-based data that might help determine whether to apply or not.

The LinkedIn Jobs Insider toolbar is a USP for Monster in the UK, as they are the only job board it works inside. This enables job seekers to see behind the ad and identify how they might be connected to the hiring company. This would be a really useful add-on to the app for job seekers which is not integrated at the moment. By the same token, a social sign in similar to the Bernard Hodes career site app would enable job seekers to apply using social profiles rather than resumes. I see these growing in popularity, worthy of consideration for a later release.

The only other feature that could be improved is that you can only apply for jobs via Monster, and need to log in to your full monster account to submit to jobs that require you to apply via their own career site. Whilst these are in the minority, I’m sure it could prove an irritation to job seekers to find a job and then be unable to apply via the app. I’m sure it would not be too difficult to integrate something to overcome this.

These are improvements, rather than essentials. The app works well in its current format, and I’m sure will be a hit in the i-pad toting sectors.  Hat tip to monster for developing a dedicated app for this audience!

Whilst with James, I took the opportunity to shoot a video on my new Bloggie using the 360 degree lens. You might want to expand the video to watch it, but we had a great conversation on i-pad, mobile and just where Monster see the app fitting in.







Just how “social” is Bullhorn Reach? #SocialRecruiting

Like a lot of people, I was both excited and intrigued to see what Bullhorn were planning when I saw the announcement of the beta launch of Bullhorn Reach. I have been waiting for some time for one of the recruitment software providers to integrate social recruiting in to their standard offering. I was even more excited at the prospect of incorporating S.E.O. techniques for those like me, that are less than technically competent in these areas.

I must point out that I am a big fan of Bullhorn both as a company and as a software provider. The current offering is always on my top 3 list whenever I’m asked about software for recruiters, it has great functionality, is easy to use and has lots of great add-ons that really improve the user experience. 17,000+  users worldwide tend to share this sentiment.

I read the post and watched the video from Art Papas, the founder and CEO announcing the Beta launch. Cue much anticipation at a social media orientated recruitment software offering.

I followed this up by watching the video from Phil Costa, Senior Director of Product Development on how Bullhorn Reach will work ….

There are things I love about this new product, but a couple of key features that really don’t work for me.

The profile function that creates your on-line profile in one new place is a great development that will promote users, and the SEO support that should position them up in the Google search rankings is fantastic.

I’m less enthusiastic about the social media element that requires no human input and is entirely automated. The updates come out of the back-end of the software. This includes jobs, placements, links to posts, updates and other activity.

The spider function that crawls the web to find relevent posts and material to automatically link to your profile, updates and social places means that users don’t need to even read posts they link to.  This looks to me that what Bullhorn Reach creates for you is a bot at the end of your account, that requires no engagement, vetting, reading or responding on your part, it’s just a continuous stream of auto-posts.

Where is the engagement bit or is this considered redundant? Where is the interaction on the accounts and streams, or the “personal” sharing behind the posts? Isn’t it this that makes Social Media, social? As I read it, there is no need for a recruiter to ever visit Facebook, Linked In or any of the social channels, the bot will do it for them.

The technology is clever and the profiles with SEO a great idea, it just seems the social-media bit is anything but social.

I would be delighted to be shown I’m wrong. I’ve only seen the video and based this post on that., I could be completely missing something.

I have a great deal of time and respect for Art Papas and his team and that remains the same, but please tell me that this launch is more “social” than I see it.

What are your thoughts?

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