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A little respect for 9/11 please

It might be that i turned 47 last week and I’ve turned in to a grumpy old man with a little less tolerance for things. I’m not normally one to post personal rants. This blog is really about technology, HR and recruiting, and many of the great people I meet on-line and on my travels, but sometimes some things just need to be said.
Social media is a great thing.Possibly the best way we have ever had of connecting and seeing the world through others eyes. I don;t always agree with the views that others post, but on the most part I see how they have formed their view, even if I think they are wrong. Other times I might find things a bit silly, occasionally even offensive enough to hit the unfollow button and get people out of my stream. I am rarely offended enough by something to get properly angry. I find most people respectful in their dialogue. Like I am in person, I don’t like everyone or agree with everyone. Sometimes we just don’t get on, but social media has also provided a great opportunity to see how others think and behave. I’m rarely disappointed when I meet people who I have connected with on-line, and I fiercely defend the social channels against any type of censorship. As far as I’m concerned, people have the right to be an idiot and to prove it on Facebook, Twitter, WordPress or anywhere else.

Today though I saw a few things that I need to speak up about. I know a few people who made the comments or produced the content. They are   not bad people, but I can’t help but think they  have substituted sensibility for social, and are behaving in a way they never would do in person because they are on-line.

A  day on from the anniversary of 9/11 I had a bit of spare time and was scrolling back in my stream and looking at the posts relating to the day. There was some very moving posts. Some from people I know quite well who lost friends on that day, others who were recounting what they saw and how they felt, and others expressing their own memories of what happened. It’s not something they talk about every day, but it is a moment in time that has defined many people’s lives as a before and after.Living in the UK it was less personal, but I remember clearly how I felt for mankind. I was personally effected more by 7/7, when someone I had trained was killed by a bomber on an underground train along with many others. I understand how that feels, and I have nothing but sympathy for anyone in the same situation.

I was shocked though to find a few posts making points about US foreign policy, and what is seen as other outrages happening now and in the past, and these were not posts from people I would consider to be extreme in normal circumstances. This time they offended me. Not because I agree or disagree, everyone is entitled to a view and a voice. You can think and say what you like about America provided it is not racist or prejudiced, 364 days a year, but on this one day it is a day for sensibility and silence. I write plenty of content people don’t like, but if I ever wrote anything that I thought had hurt someone emotionally I would be mortified. Content should never be personal.

At the same time, I found posts promoting the sale of “party packs”, T-shirts and other merchandise to celebrate the impending death of former PrimeMinister of the UK Margaret Thatcher. She is old and frail now, and in ill-health. I understand why people have strong views about her and her politics, but party packs available to order and break open when she dies, wit invites, balloons and party poppers?, This is being applauded and shared after they were openly on sale at the TUC Conference. They should be ashamed, and so should the people who share or like the posts relating to them. Whatever your view, celebrating a death with a party and a T-shirt is just wrong. When it happens, and it will soon, a dignified silence for one day rather than posting celebration messages should be the response. By all means attack the politics after the day, but don’t attack the person. Think of their relatives and friends, whoever they may be.

I connect these two topics because I love social media and the freedoms we enjoy. We should use them wisely, and with sensibility, and consider content that might be hurtful at the wrong time to be totally unacceptable. We are fortunate to have the right to say and post what we like, we should use it wisely!


New Technology Coming Out Of Finland #TruHelsinki

As a new initiative for #truHelsinki we are trying to bring tech start-ups together with some of the influencers in the region for #truHelsinki. This is a live blog about some of the technology companies sharing their products and where they are up to in the recruiting space.

Joberate -

Joberate started life as a recruiting firm, which gives them a perspective on recruiting beyond technology. The purpose of the company is to position on-line advertising in the right place in the social channels. The site enables recruiters to post a link to any job for a customised campaign suggestion. The search is cross-channel and includes areas like LinkedIn groups based on research. Joberate are keen to stress that the research is conducted by humans searching for content rather than anything automated. The campaign breaks down audience and includes Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and traditional job boards etc. Joberate post both jobs and discussions. All posts are by the client brand rather than their own. Joberate post jobs, but they also post discussions about jobs based on the group content.

As a disclaimer, I advise Joberate on product. I did this because I love what they do in helping recruiters to apply research to social to find the right audience. A new launch on the product is a social sharing bar, get referred network feature and applying by profile. Take a look. is a video selection tool that has a very simple screen for companies to record video response to greet job seekers applying and set selection questions. What is different is the simple comment and share buttons amongst the recruiting/hiring team. Video can be set up by invite or by ad response. The technology is a bit different because they have removed time constraints and one take only, giving candidates the opportunity, with an approve and submit answer. It’s not quite as clever as a Wowzer or Sonru BUT it is very candidate friendly. It’s simple to use and the pricing makes it attractive to have a look at.


IntuneX are about connecting expertise within companies employees. Our work mainly consists of exchanging e-mails and documents when we could be sharing more. Right now sharing expertise is by accident rather than design. Intune wants to change that.

Anyone can share an idea or a project internally and anyone can contribute or comment. It is built-in HTML5 so it is responsive to any device. To take part any employees can sign in and sign up, importing social profiles and sharing their own ratings and views. Any employee can rank anyone in any area. Where interests or expertise match a project, invites are sent out to join the “swarm”. A swarm is a project or problem.the help areas are Idea, problem, project, task, announcement and competence survey. It looks like a cross between Twitter and Facebook that users will be comfortable with. This one will be a big hit in my opinion. take a look at it! this is the most exciting new tech I have seen for a while.


LabOfApps is about figuring how mobile adoption changes business. More people have a mobile that a tooth-brush, that is frightening data. This video tells you more:

The growth in mobile applications by app rather than mobile website is four fold. Once a user has an app to solve a problem, they never go back to web access. Social channels are struggling with mobile, witness the LinkedIn and Facebook apps, external apps are catching up. Once people connect with an app to do a job, they no longer return to the website. think Amazon.Com, if you download the global app, then you are unlikely to revisit the site. LabOfApps provide solutions to recruitment problems through bespoke apps. I’m coming around to seeing the need for Apps as well as responsive sites, which should be standard. Watch this space for more launches.

This has been a great evening for looking at technology companies in the region. I will be posting more live comment from Helsinki tomorrow.