A conference doesn’t go by when someone isn’t talking about candidate experience. Every event, every roundtable and plenty of blog posts from the great and the good. It is one of the most talked about topics, almost to the point of boredom. We all agree that most recruitment processes are not really that good when it comes to candidate care. It seems everyone agrees, but what is actually happening about it?
If you really want to change what you do, build on the good bits and identify the bits that need fixing then you need to take a diagnostic approach to understanding your process through your candidates eyes. This means applying for a few of your own jobs yourself stepping in to the candidates shoes. The other option if you are really serious about finding out how you do is to enter the Candidate Experience Awards UK.
What I like about these awards that were launched in the US last year is that the application process is centred on candidate research to get real feedback. The feedback is used to complete a report that anonymously benchmarks all of the entrants. This means you can see what you do well, and build on that as well as those areas that you really need to improve on. The report should form the basis of your talent attraction and recruiting strategy, as well as giving you some ammunition if you need to get some backing or budget for your plans.

Some key facts about The Candidate Experience Awards:

> Entry is FREE. There is no cost for the report, award entry or a dinner you have to buy a table for.

> The application takes 60 – 90 minutes to complete, the organisers do all the research and leg work.

> Entry closes in September, though spaces are limited and close to full (Don’t wait.)

> Entry is open to any company in EMEA who have some recruitment activity in the UK.

> Entry is open to Agency and Corporate Recruiting Teams.

> You could win a shiny new award and global recognition for your recruitment process.

The report will enable you to:

  • Understand exactly what candidates expect as part of good candidate experience
  • Provide a rating of candidate experience that will compare you to your peers
  • Indicate how different generations experience your process
  • Learn how responsive your recruiting teams are
  • Tell you what candidates are using to educate themselves
  • Learn why candidates are rejecting your company
  • Tell you how candidates receive your feedback

Gerry Crispin, who is part of the TalentBoard who founded the awards comments:

The subject of the Candidate Experience has become prominent on the strategic agenda for Heads of Talent Acquisition; indeed the first Candidate Experience Awards were held in North America in 2011. The CandE Awards are to recognise companies who set a high standard for how they engage and treat candidates.

“As the independent voice of talent acquisition, we are proud to have been asked to bring these awards to the UK and are delighted to be  the principal sponsor of the Candidate Experience Awards UK 2012.

“The CandE UK Award process is open to organisations that recruit in the British employment market.   It is a great opportunity for organisations to benchmark and improve their candidate experience.   Any organisation that is interested in improving its candidate experience, regardless of sophistication, will benefit by participating in the award process.”

I don’t often ask for your help, but I think this could prove to be quite important. It is our opportunity to get a benchmark of the real candidate experience, to highlight best practice and change things for the better. If you really care about your candidates then it is time to start doing. I’m proud to be involved. i hope you will get involved to by entering the awards or sharing this post. The more we can get behind these awards, the bigger difference we can make to the real candidate experience. Please play your part!



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