Yesterdays announcement on the demise of Don Ramers Arbita job posting service OnePost, reported in John Sumsers H.R. Examiner, caught my attention, for the way Broadbean responded to the Arbita crisis. HRExaminer quotes Ramer as saying:

“As many of you know, Arbita has experienced technical challenges with our posting platform over the last few years and, despite our best efforts, has been unable to fully resolve them. The technical complexity of the posting business is growing each year and Arbita does not have the resources to sustain the high quality of service [we] pride ourselves on delivering. Accordingly, I have decided to close the Arbita posting platform and assist clients in migration to a more robust posting platform.”

That platform is Broadbean, who in my opinion have made a smart move. It’s not the usual business deal, it’s thinking outside the box by Kelly J Robinson, Broadbeans CEO and Founder, and I applaud them.
What Broadbean have done is honour the Arbita contracts through their own platform, for the duration of the Arbita contracts. Without this offer, those clients would have needed to spend again with another provider. No money has changed hands. Broadbean have extended their service to these customers without any charge, and will no doubt need to invest time and money in to integrating them.

Robinson is quoted as saying:

” The responsibility we take from Arbita is the tech and time they owe to their current clients.

We see it as the right thing to do, when a customer is using a posting distributor, no matter who that distributor – no matterwhat the technology – if that customer’s needs are not being met, this affects the industry, the job distribution market where we reside.

Please know that while Arbita’s business has failed and their doors have closed, with their technical operations ceasing, Broadbean is here to assist clients by offering to fulfill the service obligation owed to OnePost clients. The greater good is realized.”

I understand that Broadbean may well win these clients when it comes to renewal time, but it would have been an easier route for any competitor to stand-off and try to pick the bones out of the remnants. Having met Robinson at #truSanFran, and knowing the history of the company well, I’m sure the “greater good” comment is much more than words. It would be good to see other companies in our space looking to do the right thing by those companies in similar circumstances. Isn’t this the type of business that you’d want to work with?

I don’t know if you’ve looked at Broadbean recently, but they have added a lot of new features over the last 18 months, that integrate the whole on-line and mobile space including social, and some fantastic analytics that help track whats working, to help in decision-making. When you consider the size of Broadbeans global client base, and total reach, the data available is one of their biggest strengths in media and channel selection.

Having been through my own business difficulties in the past, I wish Don Ramer and Arbita the best in rebuilding a future, and to Broadbean, I tip my hat to you.