I’ve been playing around with a new sharing tool that I think has real potential. Like most of these apps, there’s a free version and an enterprise version with added features. I think the free version is a great way to build following and fans by content sharing, and it is very easy to set up and integrate in to your social places. It came to my attention through a link I received in my stream. I opened the post, loved the look of the bar and signed up using my Facebook account. The total set up took no more than 5 minutes. It’s quick, easy, free and very useful.
The engage feature of Visibli comes with the freemium option and is built for sharing content. It’s a link shortener that enables you to add a header to all your shares that can be customised to add all of your social connections with buttons for simple following.
The toolbar I’ve set up is labeled with whatever name or handle you want to add, followed by icons that link to your personal Facebook and/or page, Twitter account, LinkedIn, FourSquare, Flikkr and WordPress blog, as well as adding your picture. It looks great, and encourages people viewing your links to connect with you. Its great but simple branding. You can also add any images with links for customised buttons for anything, Pinterest,Xing, YouTube, anywhere you want to connect.

Visibli operates as a link shortener and for simplicity, integrates in to Tweetdeck or Seismic. You do this by selecting link shortener in settings, select other then add your Visibli key, alternatively you can set the app to replace a bit.ly shortener by accessing your bit.ly account and accessing your bit.ly username and API and adding these to your Visibli account. Any content shared from your usual applications will share them under your customised Visibli bar. It’s brilliantly simple.

If your blog is self-hosted on WordPress you can integrate Visibli in to your shares easily, so that any time anyone shares a post in the usual way, they share your bar. Other customisable features in the freemium version include adding a like button, which means you can get your shares liked and shared including your toolbar, a download button for music or podcasts, mailing list/newsletter sign up, iTunes, free text to link to any web place, Amazon links for publishers (great if you have a book to sell) and Topspin for download documents, pretty much all you need to share all your links every time you share any content, and re-sharing will only push your links further.

I’ve spoken in the past about the benefit of running RSS feeds from other blogs that contain good content in the area you recruit, which helps to attract a targeted following, although this can prove a bit fiddley. Visibli has a very simple way of doing this. You can add an RSS feed for any website or blog direct to any Twitter account. You might choose to do this through your main account or an account set up specifically for this.You don’t need to do anything else, every time a post gets published it is automatically syndicated in to your feed.

Linking a # (hashtag) through Visibli also enables Facebook updates to either your timeline or fanpage on Facebook. The beauty of this is that you can share the content you choose via Twitter, and it gets shared with your personal bar and all your links. For simplicity of sharing any content outside of these channels, add the Visibli bookmark to your toolbars, then its simple drag and drop any time you want to share anything. There’s no reason to ever share anything without the link being shortened through Visibli, or your personal bar.

The last feature that I really like is the analytics, because Visibli shortens and shares the links, everything is trackable, giving you weekly reports and easy to read graphs on real-time clicks for the last 14 days, retweets, clicks on the engagement bar and the URL. You can interrogate each link by referrers (sharers), locations, browsers (including mobile) and engagement bar clicks. This means that you can see what content is working, what attracts followers, friends etc, who your sharers are and plenty more. I think this is brilliant for understanding your content and postings, so that you can develop a real content strategy based on data. Theres even a feature for analyzing any twitter or facebook account by tweets, retweets, engagement per post and engagement per capita (10,000), with the option to compare up to 3 accounts. Good to see how you compare with your competitors. The Visibli social engagement reports give you tailored feedback on who, where and how to target any brands audience, the influencers in your target audience, the best performing keywords and websites and the people who talk about the things that will appeal to your audience. The first reports free on application, so it’s worth getting it to understand your audience.

All the features listed in this post are in the freemium version, and should be where you start. The paid for accounts start at $19 a month for an individual account which gives you the additional features of unlimited time analytics, top categories, timing (so you can see the best times to share) and the top formats. The Business account at $49 a month gives you 3 accounts, Enterprise at $99 a month gives you 9 accounts and the Agency account at $299 a month gives you 30. Not badly priced for the analytics it brings.

For the benefit of Marc Drees, and anyone else wondering, I have no relationship with Visibli, I just think that this app is one of the best I’ve seen for some time. It’s easy to install and use, will promote your brand with every click and share, and most importantly gives you the analytics to understand what is happening with your accounts. You should check it out,


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