I’m live blogging from #HRTechEurope. First up is Brad Wirga from Gikd, the San Francisco start up who have developed a sourcing software based on analysing (and ranking) computer code. Brad is a passionate believer in the transformation of recruiting in to a social process. The challenge at the moment as he sees it is that there is just too much data for a human being to process. He sees the same thing applying with mobile and mobilisation. He sees big data as the opportunity to personalise everything. What I would call the “little data” challenge,

When Brad joined Salesforce as the head of talent acquisition, they were processing 35,000 CVs a month, and finding the right ones was down to random chance. The new hiring life cycle is:

> Identify




In a big data world it looks like:

> Data aggregation

> Relevance scoring

>Sentiment (passive vs active)

>Enhance candidate experience

The secret sauce:

There’s large volumes of data. The spiderbots (that crawl the web and bring the data back) ¬†find it and store it in a web service like Amazon. Technology allows data to be converted into a common format. Machine learning allows you to score and rank the most valuable data to you. Gild pull down code from open source sites and rank them, looking at sites like Stack Overflow, Quora etc. They are now working on scoring culture fit based on social content. This enables recruiters to make messaging relevant and more importantly, personal.

Candidate experience is about personalization and attention to what counts to the candidate. if the match is right, the numbers of candidates in the pipeline are reduced. remember, the current figure in Europe is 70% irrelevance in applications. It is an exciting product that is worth a look.