On the 2′nd May 5.00PM BST/12.00 EDT/9.00AM PDT, I’m going to be taking part in the fortnightly “#SocialAgency” Hangout on Google+, hosted by my friends at Colleague. Whilst the title of the hangout is “Sourcing on Twitter: Live and Uncut”,i’m going to be talking specifically about Twitter stalking, and sharing a few tricks, tools and applications that make this possible. I’m going to be taking live geek words from the audience, and demonstrating how to find people who are using these terms, and why searching for bios is largely a waste of time.
We are going to look at how you can snoop on your competitors, and profile your targets (candidates and clients), in order to identify the conversation starters in the introduction channel.
In particular I’m going to look at Twitter lists, and why these are more important than followers and following, with some examples of how we have used 4square check ins on Twitter to launch campaigns by location, topic and interest. This won’t be about engagement or any of the other good things that you can do on Twitter, there are plenty of other webinars that demonstrate this. I will be sharing the content from my Twitter stalking course, and it’s going to be different.

You can sign up to join the HangOut HERE. I hope you can join me, Mark Stephens of the F10 group, and Louis Welcomme of Colleague, for the conversation. We would love plenty of questions.


Disclaimer: I advise the hosts Colleague on product and content.