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@BillBoorman is the person behind the #tru brand and a serial conversationalist, whether it is in person or on-line. I have views to share and enjoy nothing more than talking, listening and learning on and off line. 10 Things About Me: 1: I’m a serial twitterer. I joined the channel in March 2009 and to date have posted over 31,000 tweets, with no signs of letting up. Thanks to 2: I have worked in and around recruiting for 27 years as a Recruiter, Temps Consultant, Manager, Operations Director and Training/HR Director. (12.5 years.) I started consulting and training recruitment firms in 2005, and have been doing that since. 3: I have been ranked 6′th and most recently 4′th in the trakkr/HRExaminer index of “Most influential on-line recruiters.” The index is based on an algorhythm that measures mentions, link-backs, reach and relevance of content. (Taken from key-words associated with recruiting.) You can read the full list HERE 4: At the end of 2008 my network consisted of 50 Linked In connections, mostly ex-colleagues, then I decided to get social. 5: I am not technical in any way. I can’t programme and I often have to ask for help with basic tasks. What i am quite good at is finding tools and applications and working out how to use them to network. 6: I love talking, listening and learning. I share my networks with some great people that help me do this. I can usually be found in twitter chats, on the phone or out meeting people for networking or just a beer. 7: I’m Dad to Frank (11) and Alice (8). They both keep me busy and give me plenty of inspiration.Kids have an inherent ability to question everything, learn and not worry about looking stupid. When do we lose these natural abilities? I have been married to my long suffering wife Fran for 16 years. 8: I have run 27 marathons badly, though I’m a bit out of shape at the moment. Will be working on this in 2011. I once tried to break a world record for dragging a tyre around the London Marathon route, all 26.2 miles, while dressed as a 6ft clown. It took 10 hours and I came last, crossing the line in the dark. 9: I live in a village (Earls Barton) in Northamptonshire, UK with my wife, children, Bear the Cat and Jack the Rabbit. 10: I split my time between organising #tru events, (The Recruiter Unconference), training Recruiters and key-note speaking. That and quite a lot of networking! I will travel anywhere in the world to speak. Thats me. Would be glad to answer anything else you want to know, but I’d rather hear about you in comments. Bill

Guest Post: Oxfam @#trulondon by @KBMayes

My TruLondon Experience – 6 weeks on

Nearly 6 weeks on and I have finally had time to properly reflect on my first experience of an Unconference – and may I say I hope there are many more.

Bill had kindly invited me to this years first TruLondon, unfortunately I was only able to attend for just the one day.

In my blog prior to the event I marked out what I hoped to achieve i.e.:

• How has social media changed the ways some organisations recruit paid staff
• Can we use social media to effectively recruit volunteers and can this been done from a very local level
• How have other organisations improved staff and customer engagement via the use of Social Media
• In practical terms how do you trust your staff/volunteers with social media in the workplace.

Did I achieve my objectives?? On the whole the answer is yes, to all but one.

I did start to understand how social media has changed and constantly changing recruitment. It is now abundantly clear that Social Media is vital in effective and efficient recruitment of a diverse workforce. This is a huge topic though, but by networking (with aide of the meet meme cards) I am learning more and more as I follow the other lovely attendee’s on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin – to you all a huge thank you.

I also started, with the help of Gavin McGlynn’s track, to understand the power a blog or employee hub has when it comes to staff/volunteer engagement. Again a huge topic but it was great to get a taster for it. It was this session where I learnt that you have to trust your workforce in social media to be self-moderating, and if they don’t you are judged on how you handle it not that they have said an inappropriate thing.

The organisation was very different to that of any other conference I have been to but I loved its informal nature and for me it felt like home. It was a great day, a huge learning curve, and lots of fun. I have never felt that tired after a conference before either!

Oh and the objective that didn’t get met? That was around Volunteers, there were lots of people there with expertise on employee recruitment (regardless of whether its strategic or not) and I would have loved an opportunity to talk volunteers with someone – if there is anyone out there who wants to share volunteering experiences then please get in contact – @kbmayes

I have been able to take a lot away with me from just one day. Thanks Bill it was really good – I owe you one!

How to book and confirm 360 interviews in 48 hours: HardRockFirenze Pt 2 #Socialrecruiting

The Hard Rock Firenze  fan-page exceeded all objectives in terms of the volume of fans joining prior to the opening of the new cafe in Firenze (Florence) and job applications via the Work4Us application. Close to 10,000 fans have joined the page, most based in and around Florence, and 3,000 applications were received in for the 150 positions listed,20 per post.The whole campaign(which included targeted ad’s), was open for 2 weeks only.
The painstaking job of going through each application was conducted over a 3 day period by a team of recruiters and hiring managers from Italy and the UK, as applicants were encouraged to apply in whatever language they felt most comfortable.
Communication on the process was entirely via the wall and included a livestream broadcast conducted in English and italian, where applicants were encouraged to ask questions, answered live during the broadcast.
The Livestream plug-in available to all fan pages is fantastic, very easy to load, promote via the wall and through sharing on individual networks, and offers high quality broadcast. It’s a great option to use, that I would expect to see more of, not just for recruiting, but an enhancement to engaging with fans.
Having selected 360 candidates for the first round of interviews, the next challenge was how to co-ordinate this volume of candidates across 3 days, with only one week to co-ordinate the whole thing. 
All of the scheduling applications like Tungle presented problems over volume and running multiple diaries. The plan was to schedule 20 interviews per hour across 5 interview teams. After drawing a blank, the final solution was to run the interviews as an event, and the best platform for this was Eventbrite.
The benefit of Eventbrite was that 20 tickets per hour were made available to candidates over the 3 days. The succesful candidates were mailed the link, and “ordered” tickets on a first come first served basis. On booking, a 2 click process requiring candidates to register only a name and e-mail, they received a confirmation e-mail, ticket with a time and a location map.
On the back-end, the names are recorded against the times for reference and printing. It’s also possible to print name badges, and as proved useful, to mail all candidates from the internal e-mail system. A reminder e-mail also goes out 24 hours before the interview.
What is really encouraging is the level of engagement between fans on the fan page. Those that had problems with the booking posted the problem on the page, and other fans who had already been through the process provided the answer.The fans do the work for you, and interviews were announced on the wall and were greeted by good wishes and cheers from other fans. Theres already a big community feel, with fans supporting and helping fans.
Imagine the admin, communication and time that would have been involved in coordinating a project of this size without scheduling interviews this way, without the support of the fans on the site and the work4us app to channel the flow of response.
The result so far, only 24 hours after putting the Eventbrite site live, 305 interview slots have been claimed, confirmed and instructions sent. E-mail communication with questions outside of the wall has been minimal. Although Eventbrite was not built for this purpose, it does the job very well, and as an added bonus, because there is no charge for tickets, there’s no booking fee. It’s free to use. Total spend so far, outside of time and people is less than £1000!
No R.O.I.on #Socialrecruiting?


Hard Rock Firenze Fan Page

Livestream on FB



Job:Social Recruiting Integrator – Oracle EMEA #SocialRecruiting

I recently had the pleasure of hearing Kevin Blair, Head Of recruiting, EMEA delivering a presentation on how Oracle’s 60 recruiters across the region had adopted social media in to the recruiting mix. Theres a blog coming with more detail later this week.
I spoke to Kevin today about a new role Oracle EMEA have just created. It doesn’t have a title yet so I’ve made one up that I think best describes what they are looking for.
The brief is to get full adoption of social media by the 60 recruiters who serve the business across the region, by leading the implementation of social places and encouraging adoption through training and influence.
The role will probably be based in Eastern Europe, with the flexibility for regular travel across the region. It’s much more about the individual though, who will be well-connected with a track record in social recruiting.
I don’t have any detail on salary or benefits, i’m not acting as a recruiter.I’m sharing the job because I think it is a fantastic opportunity, if I wasn’t unemployable I’d want to do it myself!
If you are interested in finding out more, contact Kevin Blair directly. I’m not going to list his contacts,if you can do this job you will find him!
Good Luck,

Why jobseekers will always use jobboards #truStockholm

One of the tracks that really stood out for me at #truStockholm was the future of job boards track. I’ve been in this track quite a few times at different #tru events, and the take is always quite different according to the participants. In Stockholm, our excellent hosts were Monster.Se. With so many images of Trumpasaurus (the Monster logo), around the building, I expected this track to be dominated by talk of the major job boards.

You have to bear in mind that some things made the #trustockholm participants a bit different. Firstly, the Swedes, by their own admission are about 18months behind other parts of Europe, which makes their outlook a bit different when it comes to talking recruiting. The issues and the discussion points though are all pretty much the same, it’s the solutions that differ.

Perhaps the real differences center on the geography of Sweden.The population is largely centred on 3 city’s, Stockholm, Copenhagen and Malmo/Gothenburg. Each of the cities have distinct business sectors in each location. This distinct split might explain why spend in print media is up by 40%. This is quite different to most of  the rest of the world, but I think this is in part due to the geography, combined with the cautious approach to change taken by the Swedes.

In the job board 2020 track, one of the job seekers attending courtesy of our hosts Monster.Se, made the following statment: 

“If I want a beer I go to a bar.If I want a job I go to a job board first.Both destinations make sense to me,”

Amongst all of out enthusiasm for social recruiting, we sometimes forget this simple fact. The majority of job seekers still think job board first. It is foolish not to consider them as part of the recruiting mix, and even more foolish to declare them dead. The recent source of hire report from Career Crossroads (Download it!) echos this, showing job boards as second only to internal sourcing and referral.

What is your “first” port of call in the job search, or your main source of hire?


How one recruiter hired 27 IT staff via twitter #SocialRecruiting

Whilst in Dublin, I heard a great story, how technology expert Ivan Stojanovic of Irish recruiting firm C.P.L. The headline of the story was how he had recruited 27 specialist I.T. staff via twitter. Thats right, 27!
The issues that he had in sourcing these people, and why he chose twitter really as a last resort was that the people he was looking for don’t have c.v’s or resumes. They are not looking for fulltime jobs as a rule, most choosing to ply their very specialist skills in contract roles. Being in demand and quite rare, broadcasting links and posting ads didn’t work. 
The approach Ivan took was brilliantly simple.A search of twitter bios and the usual twitter directories revealed nothing. The skills and experience needed just wasn’t listed. he set up a few non-branded twitter accounts and searched for keywords in real-time search in twitter, setting alerts based on the kind of words related to programmes or projects they might be talking about. This returned a number of repeating profiles whose tweets showed they could be of interest.
Ivan followed these targets and began engaging around technical topics, increasing connections and profiles. Techies tend to hang out with other techies in any community.
Once Ivan had built a relationship and qualified his connections fully, he approached them about the opportunities. This proved to be very effective, resulting in a total of 27 hires over a 12 month period, with all connections originating from twitter. Forget apps and all the other good twitter stuff, this came down to using twitter search, listening first, connecting, engaging and building a circle of contacts in the channel. I don’t know the salaries involved, but they were top end. It would be reasonable to estimate an average fee of £10k, offering a return over 12 months in the region of £270k!
It takes time,some specialist technical knowledge in order to engage, and patience to find the right time to make an approach. The return makes it well worth the effort! Anyone want to question the R.O.I?

Thanks Ivan for sharing the story at #IRC2011. it’s one for #truDublin in May.

What has been your experience of sourcing through twitter?




The Hard Rock Firenze Candidate Experience#SocialRecruiting

You might recall my recent post on the recruiting campaign Hard Rock Firenze are conducting for the opening of a new cafe in Florence. 3 weeks from launch, the application process is closing and the selection stage begins in earnest. The fan page now stands a few short of 9,500 fans and the excellent Work4Us application has processed over 3,300 candidates, applying in multiple formats and languages. From a response point of view, this is success to stage one, with all objectives over achieved in terms of volume and looking at the breakdown of applications, relevance.

What has been most notable has been what potential candidates have been asking about on the page. 95% of the questions have been about the process. difficulties candidates are having applying, attaching C.V.’s, finding the right job, what language to apply to etc. All of these questions have been easy to answer quickly, encouraged by the promise that they can apply by the Work4Us app, by e-mail, even by video, and that every application will be read by a person.

Theres a team of 8 hiring managers, half Italian, half English, who have been assembled to do this over 4 days. The candidates are well aware of the feedback process, and there’s a series of livestream events scheduled on the fan page to answer questions live, direct with the hiring managers.

As a result of some confusion over end of application dates, it was possible to pick up on the issue quickly via the Fanpage, resolve it by moving the deadline by 24 hours, and what could have been a cause for complaint against the employer brand, has attracted public praise and appreciation. I’m not sure how this would have panned out on a traditional careers site.

The interview booking process, which is normally a logistical nightmare, has been streamlined, with the succesful candidates booking slots via Tungle, filling the recruiters diary. The whole hiring process for a new opening (150 staff), will be completed in record time with much clearer communication. I’m sold on Facebook, and the level of belonging and engagement that a good page can generate, that would be hard, time-consuming and expensive elsewhere. Even a process error, which could have proved a PR nightmare, has been turned in to a positive situation because it was easy to spot, pick-up and publicly respond to.

Kudos to Alison McCue who has championed and implemented the campaign, and all the team who have been monitoring comments, responding quickly and engaging with potential customers and employers. It’s been a great campaign that puts the candidate experience at the heart of the process.

What have been your experiences of recruiting through Facebook?


The difference between Sourcers and Resourcers

Andy Headworth featured Julia Stone’s prezi from Sourcecon on his blog Sirona Says today. In the UK, we often get confused by the term Sourcer and Resourcer. When I first started going to the states, it was something that confused me.
Whilst it’s changing, most European recruiters still employ resourcers rather than sourcers. Having spent quite a lot of time with a few exponents of the art of sourcing(and I think it is an art!), the difference is fundamental, but quite simple.

Sourcers search for “people” who could do a job.

Resourcers search for “C.V.’s/Resumes” that list job titles or experience that match a job spec.







To develop a sourcing approach (and Katharine Robinson leads the way in this in the UK), you need to understand the difference between searching for C.V.’s and searching for people. It is a very different approach and methodology.

What do you think?


#TruGrad Guest Post: Ruxandra Fratescu: Why I want to be a recruiter #trulondon

I’m really pleased with the progress we have been making with the #truGrad scheme that came out of the Grad track at #truLondon. Just 2 weeks on we have 30 students and 30 mentors working together to help those graduating to set a realistic plan for getting their first job. It’s not a one way street though, on my part,it’s been a real eye-opener to see the challenges faced by graduates who need to balance critical final year studies and applying for a job.

The #truGrads community site will be operational within the next 10 days. built on a Social Go network. We are still looking for additional companies, mentors and students to get involved. Drop me a message if you want to play a part.

I’ve been working with Ruxandra, who is looking for a career in recruiting. This is Ruxandra explaining in her own words why she wants to be a Recruiter:

Why do I want to be a Recruiter?

Whenever someone asks me this question, I am tempted to grab a piece of paper and quickly write down few points because at that moment, lots of reasons are crossing my mind.

I want to work in a sales environment, and being a Recruiter means  selling. Any sales person has a monthly/yearly target to achieve, and I strongly believe that this will  motivate me to achieve.

For me, achieving 100% of April’s target means that I can do far more than that. Consequently, in May I will work towards achieving at least 110% of the same target,  leading to professional recognition, financial rewards but, most important, to a rise in self-awareness, as I discover I can do more than I thought and gain confidence.

Recruitment is definitely challenging. It will always make me want  to learn more and develop.

We are talking about working with client companies, building relationships in order to gain a better understanding of their recruitment needs and requirements.  It also  means attracting candidates, interviewing them and matching them to the client companies. All these tasks require great communication and interpersonal skill in order to talk to people at different levels and adapt to different situations.  I will always have to be out there ensuring that I am better than the competition which is tough’ in this growing industry.

When you say ‘Recruitment‘, you say ‘variety’, and I want my job to give me the opportunity to do something different every day. Marketing, networking, searching the candidate database to find the right person, receiving and reviewing applications, organising and managing interviews, informing candidates, preparing CV’s, negotiating pay and salary rates…I think this is the environment that would never allow me to get bored, furthermore as the jobs may vary from entry-level roles to directors.

Having a passion for foreign languages I consider that working in an international recruitment firm would give me the opportunity to practice the four languages I can speak, and probably motivate me to learn another one to make the difference (e.g Arabic, Mandarin, Russian). Having said this, it is essential that my future job fulfils both my need for professional and personal development, and I have enough reasons to think that being a recruiter will do this.

It might seem that I only see the good aspects of this job, however I have not forgotten the ones such as…High targets? Long hours? Hard work? Responsibility and high pressure? The satisfaction of winning over the fierce competition that exists in this industry will definitely make up for all these.

I’ve been really impressed with Ruxandra’s attitude to work. She is looking to start work in April with a recruiting firm, up to 90 minutes commute from North London. She is fluent in 3 languages and has a preference for contract or technical recruitment.

Check out her LinkedIn profile and C.V Please contact Ruxandra directly for more information or to arrange a meeting.if you have any advice for her,please leave it in comments,


Linked In Profile


Hard Rock Go #SocialRecruiting

Hard Rock Cafe are opening a new venue in Florence. The challenge in opening a new venue for anyone is always finding the right staff, and  Hard RockFlorence requires 150 staff at all levels. For the previous openings, they’ve followed a traditional media route using newspapers,billboards in the city,job boards, the whole range. It’s a challenge to reach the right people which previously required a shotgun approach.
I’ve been spending a lot of time at Hard Rock recently, not just becauseI love the “Legendary Burgers”, (though I do). I’ve been  talking social-media , as well as career sites and social-recruiting. There’s one requirement anyone working for Hard Rock must have, and that is that they must like rock and roll. It stands to reason really, theres music playing everywhere all day, every day. If you didn’t like it much, you’d quit the job very soon.
Just before #trulondon,I travelled to Prague and spent the day discussing fanpages and my 31 day content Calender with the heads of marketing from all the cafe’s across Europe. The main topic was content that would create engagement with the fans, inform the existing customers, attract a few new ones among other things,and  recruit staff in the process.
My friend Paul Jacobs in New Zealand, who is a real Facebook expert, goes by the title of Community DJ. I really like the term because it sums up for me what the person who runs a fanpage should be.In the background,creating the vibe,keeping the fans happy and encouraging,sometimes prompting the fans to generate the majority of the content. I titled the talk community dj, and spent 4 hours in conversation about what this means.
Jump forward a few weeks to the Florence recruiting campaign.The plan was quite simple:

Firstly create a HardRock Firenze (Italian for Florence) fan page. Nothing overly corporate other than the logo.The rest looks pretty much like any other fan-page and that was the intention.The only place to apply for any of the Florence posts is via the fanpage.There has been no additional spend on other advertising.
A quick search of Facebook ads found 1,900 profiles that listed Rock and Roll in interests,located within 50km of Florence, with relevent experience to the roles needed. This meant Facebook ads could be targeted at individuals that matched the profile,announcing the opening and directing them to a welcome page that has been built simply in Pagemodo at very low-cost. The page is headed:”For those about to rock we recruit you,” and has 5 images of 2 Hard Rocks and 3 staff members. Visitors to the page are invited to either “Perform for a packed house” and apply for a job via the “Work For Us” tab on the main page or “Connect With Us” for updates.
The campaign will run for 2 weeks only, with the emphasis on ease of application.Candidates can apply via the career site linked by the Work For Us tab,via the app itself completing a simple registration and adding a CV, by e-mail to a careers account with a C.V. in Italian or English, even by leaving a video on the wall. There’s no ATS, and at the end of the 2 week period a team of hiring managers from Florence and London will go through each of the applications and invite the successful candidates in for interview. A plan is in place to send resources and vouchers to unsuccessful candidates with those being called in for interview booking time slots on-line, taking out the lengthy logistical nightmare of coordinating multiple applications. News of the roles have been further spread by the share button on the Work4 app (from Work4labs) that sits behind the “work for us” tab,with extensive sharing by fans.
The results so far have been astounding. The page has now been public for 4 days with over 6,100 fans signing up and over 2000 job applications being received via the “Work For Us” tab.
What is equally good to see is the high level of public engagement going on via the page,covering everything from questions on the jobs, the application process, difficulties they are having with the tech, a whole range of things.
The costs are significantly lower than previous campaigns. the page and app cost about £200 to set up,with the only significant costs being the Facebook ads,paid by click-through.
It’s early days of course, and the proof will be in the hiring, but looking at the numbers and a selection of fans profiles, I’d expect to report a real success story when Florence opens for business. Hats off to Hard Rock for taking this approach, and to all the staff involved in creating and maintaining such a simple, effective and engaged campaign.

We salute you!


Hard Rock Cafe Firenze Fan Page

The Work4 App


The #truStockholm Schedule

The #truStockholm schedule is now complete. As always, with an unconference, expect changes and additions throughout the day. If there’s anything you want that is not covered let me know and we will add a track.

Day One: 09′th Feb.

9.30 – 10.00: Opening and the #truStory – Bill Boorman followed by Augmented Reality Check – Gordon Lokenburg (Bring your mobiles!)

10.00 – 11.00

Hosts and Platinum Sponsors

Track 1 – Area 1 – Social recruiting: Now and the future. Andy Headworth
Track 2 – Area 2 – Employee Branded: Karin Geiger
Track 3 – Going mobile: Gordon Lokenburg

11.00 – 11.15: COFFEE

11.15 – 12.15

Gold Sponsors

Track 4 – Area 1 – Job Board 2020 : Stefan Ritzvi
Track 5 - Area 2 – New Bloggers :Andy Headworth
Track 6 – Area 3 – Personal Branding: Jorgen Sundberg

12.15 – 1.15: LUNCH

1.15 – 2.15

Track 7 - Area 1 – Content Curation : Martin Couzins
Track 8 - Area 2 – SEO  :Andy Headworth
Track 9 - Area 3 – More Mobile  :Bjorn Wigeman

2.15 – 3.15

Track 10 -Area 1 – Community Questions  : Fredrik Johnsson
Track 11 – Area 2 – Facing Up To Facebook : Oscar Manger
Track 12 – Area 3 – Video Integration  : Stefan Liden

3.15 – 3.30: COFFEE

3.30 – 4.30

Track 13 – Referal recruiting: Michelle Rea

Gold Sponsor

Track 14 – The real candidate experience  :Torgill Lenning
Track 15 - Twitter for sourcing  : Ralph Silj

Day 2

9.30 - For those about to Rock- Bill Boorman

10.00 – 11.00

Track 16 - Area 1 – The Social Agency:Anna Malmstromm
Track 17 – Global Recruiting – Rob Van Elburg
Track 18 - relocation recruitment – Rob van Elburg

11.00=11.15 – COFFEE

11.15 – 12.15

Track 19 – Area 1 – Battle Of The Bloggers – Johannes Sundlo
Track 20 – Area 2- Tomorows technology – Bill Fischer
Track 21 -Area 3 – Technology Shopping List – Michelle Rea

12.15 – 1.15 – LUNCH

1.15 – 2.15

Track 22 – Area 1 – Employee blogs for Employer Brand :Jorgen Sundberg
Track 23 – Area 2 – Location recruiting : Andy Headworth
Track 24 – Area 3 – CV Mining  : Stefan Rizvi

2.15 – 3.15

Track 25 – Area 1 – Linking In: Michelle Rea
Track 26 – Area 2 – The Social Agency: Anna Malmstrom
Track 27 – Area 3- Talent Community : Frederik Johnsson

3.15 – 4.15

Track 28 - Area 1 – Wheres the talent hiding?:Ralph Silj
Track 29 – Area 2 – Future of HR  :Torgil Lenning
Track 30 – Area 3 – Rules of Engagement: Andy Headworth

Thats 30 fantastic tracks and 16 track leaders from 3 countries, all dedicated to helping you think, discuss and share your thoughts on the talent market.

Thanks again to our hosts and platinum sponsors, Monster.Se and our gold sponsors TweetMyJobs and Social Honesty.

You can still get one of the last few tickets HERE.

See you in Stockholm!