#Trulondon is now over. I’m back in the game with a head crammed full of ideas. If you ask me for the top thing about hosting #tru it is that I get to meet and become friends with so many super smart people. I first met @TheBalazs at #trulondon, then he set up #truBudapest with great success. #Tru gives some of the lesser known names a chance to showcase their talents. I’m really proud of the number of people who got their first exposure through one of the events. It’s hard to imagine that people like Jonathan Campbell were largely unknown only 2 years ago.
Balazs Paroczay is the EMEA sourcing lead for Kelly OCG. He reminds me of a raw and super enthusiastic Glen Cathey (with hair!). This is the outline of his brilliant talk on cracking open Facebook at the #Sourcelab at #trulondon. He has set up a new blog┬ácalled “Balazs and this magical sourcing world”, to share even more resources like this. It is a must follow.

Brilliant work my friend. Thanks for sharing!