Networking has changed. People are far more likely to connect with people than ever before without any real prior relationship, but at the same time, they are quicker than ever before to ditch people. The second or third message is key, leading straight to block, disconnect or unfollow, and the biggest reason given for doing so is spam. Spam, by my definition is all about relevance, and no deceptions, but a growing number of people seem to miss out on this simple point. Everyone has their own spam threshold, and what falls in to this category.
In my streams, this is what I see as spam from messages I’ve received in the last week:
 An invitation to an event which further exploration revealed I was unable to apply for a ticket because they were only open to specific job titles. If I don’t fit the audience, don’t send the invite. Spam.
 A link to a blog on twitter labelled as “This is an interesting post.” The link goes to the sharers post, calling their own blog interesting. Sorry, I see that as a deception. Spam.
 Joining me to multiple Facebook groups without asking, and posting the same content in each group. I only need to belong to one, duplicate updates are just annoying. Spam.
 Sending me a job on LinkedIn that I’m clearly unqualified for, or far too experienced to do. Do some research first. No research? Spam.
 Join me in to groups which are clearly not in my interest area. I know Facebook lets you do this, but please invite me first. No invite? Spam.
 Invite me to join a LinkedIn group I already belong to, or I don’t qualify for, Spam.
 Posting a link on a hashtag I follow where the post has no relevance to the group is just annoying. I follow hashtags to get relevant content. There’s no rules, but please try to keep the streams clean,. No relevance? Spam.
 Using multiple twitter accounts to put the same message on a hashtag stream. If I see the same message multiple times on different accounts, I’m turned off the link. It’s Spam.
Just a few of my thoughts of the posts I get that make me think spam. Think relevance before you post.