LinkedIn have announced that they have just passed 10million users in the UK, which they claim is 4 out of 5 UK professionals. according to the 2011 census, the UK population stands at 56.1 million, with 20% over the age of 65, which means they estimate the “professional” population of the UK at around 30Million when you take off the population under 18, with 1 in 3 categorized as a “professional”. The UK is now the third largest population of users in volume behind the US and India.

By contrast, according to SocialBakers.Com there are just under 31Mn Facebook users representing 51% of the total population according to the site, or closer to 56% according to the census.  It is fair to assume that a percentage of these will fall in to the professional sector, though this is harder to determine due to the structure of the data on Facebook, and the fact that only a third of profiles contain any professional data,

What is clear from this is that recruiters in the UK need to understand how to mine LinkedIn data properly, and to use the channel as more than a job posting channel. To mark this milestone, LinkedIn have produced this infographic about their UK users: