End of the year, new years eve, and the end of 2011. At our last event of the year at #truDublin, we were discussing the year ahead, and the many challenges 2012 might bring, particularly in the Eurozone.It was getting a bit downbeat as you might imagine, but then someone said something that really resonated with me.The comment was “It’s been a shit year. It’s always shit, shit is the new normal. This year we’ve learnt to wade through it and get on with it.”
And thats the truth of it. Mostly we’ve accepted things as they are, and learnt to be really entrepreneurial, and create revenue streams, finding new ways to attract talent. Theres been some fantastic products developed, and new ways of doing things that we would never had time to think of when times were good.A time of being bold and brave, because when times are shit, people are at their most resourceful.
And so to 2012, it’s going to be a shit year again, but we are used to that now. We know that if we are going to succeed then we are just going to have to accept things, and that whilst we may not be able to make the whole world better, we can make our immediate world better. Tough times open the doors to collaboration, sharing issues and working side by side to solve problems and overcome challenges, we are after all in this together.

Last thought, I’m a big believer in the power of goodwill, help people where you can, welcome people in to your networks, help people because you can, not just because you see a benefit to you in doing so. you will get a return 10 times over.

It is going to be a shit year, but having earnt my “waders” in 2011, i’m looking forward to it. There’s no surprises in what’s coming, but we are all far better equiped to deal with it.

Thanks for being around in 2011, have a great one!